• Select Clients

    Penguin Random House
    Yves Saint Laurent

  • Pith Afterschool

    A weekly free after-school program, run in collaboration with City Growers, for middle-schoolers in the Pith neighborhood. Food and flavor are great lenses through which to examine political, economic, social, environmental, and physical well-being!

  • Pith, Down Under

    A series of pop-ups in Sydney, Melbourne, and Auckland, in partnership with KitchenAid. Pomelo, stone pine gin, lemon myrtle merengue. Oyster, red currant, black peppercorn, finger lime. Lamb, quandong, eucalyptus. Mulberry caramel cake. Read more here.

  • Nice Food for Not Much

    An adventurous web and television show about creating elegant food on a low budget. In each episode, Jonah explores an interesting part of New York City, learning with friends and special guests, gathering dank ingredients and ultimately whipping up something unbelievably elegant yet inexpensive.

  • Intro Restaurant

    A residency at Intro Restaurant in Chicago. Tasting menu, à la carte, and experimental evenings with live music. Roasted carrot with harissa, almond, preserved lemon, ricotta. Venison tartare with quince, black trumpet, and juniper. Duck confit with chestnut, plum, and bergamot. Kumel and champagne. Read the review in the Chicago Tribune and coverage in Chicago Magazine.

  • Brownstone 360

    A highly experimental performance of contemporary classical music in collaboration with Metropolis Ensemble. Interplay between sound, sight, and taste across many floors of a society mansion in Manhattan. Whipped bone marrow with poppy seed crisp, watermelon radish, fennel. Asparagus and leek with buttermilk, currant, white truffle. Rhubarb and clove with cardamom almond crumble, hopped whipped cream. Read about the event on VICE and Edible Manhattan.

  • Front Art Space

    A residency in New York’s smallest art gallery. Commissioned unglazed porcelain ceramics and corresponding bent-metal furniture. Cooking and dining with unexpecting pedestrians. Collaborations with sound artists. Octopus with smoked paprika, black pepper, and pistachio-truffle tapenade. Chrysanthemum and rosehip tea. Rhubarb and clove compote, cardamom apple crumble, hopped whipped cream, micro shiso. Read more here.

  • How to Smoke Pot Properly

    An evening of extravagant cannabis-infused snacking. Live music. Oysters and blood cockles with cannabis-champagne gelee. Octopus with ‘smoked’ paprika, black pepper, and olive-hazelnut tapenade. Scallop crudo with nasturtium, charred ramp and cannabis oil, rhubarb, and black salt. Cardamom, salsify, and sour milk ice creams topped with cannabis caramel, cannabis rhubarb compote, and cannabis pistachio merengue. Read about this event on VICE’s Munchies, Food and Wine, and High Times.

  • Polytope: Geometries of Sound

    A gustatory evening to premier music by composer Ricardo Romaneiro. Savory suckers passed among the audience at each new musical movement. Scallops brined in beet juice and coriander seed. Pate de foie and pickled caperberries. White Negronis, with Suze and Dolin Blanc. Gin, with chamomile and lime. Turmeric, ginger, and black peppercorn soda. Read about the event here.

  • Pith at Bronx Brewery

    An evening of food, light and sound installations, and custom casked beer. Celery root soup with citra hops and smoked maple syrup. Baby mustard frill with fennel, rhubarb, and grated turmeric. Salmon cured in beet juice with golden beet and shiso. Beer-braised short ribs. Panna cotta with espresso milk stout foam. Read about the event here.

  • Pith Bar Night

    A bimonthly bar night with live jazz and DJs at a literary society in upper Manhattan. Tequila, rhubarb, sour cherry, white peppercorn. Sorrel-matcha sorbet. Purple cauliflower soup with pea shoots and fernet-branca. Rye whiskey with cardamom and caramelized orange. Cavatelli with black garlic and cured egg yolk.

  • Lost Property Bar

    A pop-up at Lost Property Bar in Los Angeles, serving food and drinks alongside a neo-soul and jazz band. Cocktails created alongside celebrated mixologist Jeremy Lake. Crisped spätzle with maitake, bottarga, cured yolk, shallot, and date. Uni toast with carrot and sichuan peppercorn. Braised short rib sliders with caraway and smoked paprika french fries.